Kamal Haasan in Bigg Boss Tamil 2
Kamal Haasan in Bigg Boss Tamil 2.PR Handout

The second season of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 will be quite longer than expected. While the first season was ended in 98 days, the curtains for the ongoing second season of Kamal Haasan-hosted show will be dropped on its 106th day.

As per the buzz, Bigg Boss Tamil 2 was supposed to end on September 23, but the channel has decided to end it a week later, i.e., on September 30. However, the official announcement in this regard is awaited.

Although the inmates are brought on board for 100 days, the channel takes the final call on the grand finale based on the viewers' response and the availability of the dates of the host along with other factors.

The second season of Bigg Boss Tamil was launched on 17 June. 16 contestants like Yashika Aannand, Ponnambalam, Mahat Raghavendra, Daniel Anne Pope, Vaishnavi, Janani Iyer, Ananth Vaidyanathan, Ramya NSK, Sendrayan, Riythvika, Mumtaz, Thadi Balaji, Mamathi Chari, Nithya Balaji, Shariq Hassan and Aishwarya Dutta entered the house with the hopes of winning Rs 50 lakh.

Currently, Riythvika, Thadi Balaji, Sendrayan, Yashika, Aishwarya, Janani and Mumtaz along with wild-card entrant Vijayalakshmi are in the show.

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