Punarnavi Bhupalam with Rahul Sipligunj
Punarnavi Bhupalam with Rahul SipligunjScreenshot of Star Maa video

Punarnavi Bhupalam, the recently eliminated contestant from Bigg Boss 3 Telugu took to her Instagram account and wrote that she is back to the real world. The fans are sure that she is definitely missing her fellow contestants especially Rahul Sipligunj whom she claims to be her best friend during the show. 

But the contestants of the house and Nagarjuna Akkineni, the host of the show have something else to say. Since the contestants of the house found out that Rahul and Punarnavi Bhupalam have started sharing a bond, they started pulling the duo's leg. Even during the weekend episodes, Nagarjuna couldn't resist teasing Punarnavi mentioning Rahul's name a couple of times. 

During the elimination episode, he said, "I think Rahul is your best. I don't know if he means something else to you..." Also, during Raksha Bandhan episode, Punarnavi wished everyone else in the house except for Rahul and said these wishes are not meant for Rahul.  

She has been spotted feeding Rahul and the duo often engaged in a friendly banter using cuss words and teasing each other. The audience and their fellow contestants have also witnessed Rahul flirting with Punarnavi in the house.

When Nagarjuna confronted them about the same, Punarnavi said it was because of the close bond they share.

Rahul Sipligunj and Varun Sandesh's fight in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house
Rahul Sipligunj and Varun Sandesh's fight in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 houseScreenshot of Star Maa video

When Rahul and Varun had a tiff in the 'bricks collecting task', everyone else in the house stood by Varun but Punarnavi decided to support Rahul and even fought for him, despite the fact that Rahul was at fault. When Punarnavi was eliminated, emotional Rahul broke into tears.

The duo has not revealed much about their bond but we will have to wait and watch what they have to say once Rahul is back from the show.