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Facebook: Bigg Boss Malayalam Fans

Anoop Chandran, Shiyas Kareem, and Pearle Maaney have been nominated for elimination in Bigg Boss Malayalam this week. Mohanlal, the host of the show will name the contestant who will be evicted from the Bigg Boss house either today or tomorrow.

IB Times poll suggests that Anoop Chandran will most likely go out of the house this weekend. Nearly 78 percent of IB Times readers believe that Anoop Chandran does not deserve a place in the Bigg Boss Malayalam house. Anoop Chandran's recent tiffs with most of the family members, especially Sabumon Abdusamad has apparently affected his acceptance among the viewers.

In yesterday's episode, Anoop Chandran engaged in a fight with Archana Suseelan, and it has also negatively impacted his image among the general public. It should be noted that Archana Suseelan is one of the strongest contenders in the house, and Anoop's clashes with her will surely go against him during the time of elimination.

The most likely contestant who will reach the safe zone this weekend is none other than Pearle Maaney. The television anchor's romantic affair with serial actor Srinish has apparently helped her a lot to stay on the limelight. Pearle also has a huge fan following in social media platforms known as Pearle Army, and they have helped her whenever she enters the danger zone.

More than 48 percent of IB Times readers argue that Pearle Maaney should stay inside the house. On the other hand, 30 percent of our readers have voted in favor of Shiyas. Over the past couple of weeks, Shiyas has gained a boy next door image among Bigg Boss viewers, and it has helped him to touch the safe zone with ease this weekend.

As per current trends, Anoop Chandran will go out of the house today, and if it happens, it will be undoubtedly a huge blow to the actor who has appeared in several noted Malayalam movies.