Bigg Boss
A Screenshot from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

Serial actor Srinish has been the captain of Bigg Boss Malayalam since Sunday, and he will hold this captaincy cap until this weekend.

However, Srinish's performance as the captain of the house has not gone well with a section of Bigg Boss audiences. In Facebook groups like 'Bigg Boss Malayalam Fans', social media users are lashing out against the serial actor for underperforming as the captain. According to the audiences, Srinish's only capability is to romance Pearle Maaney and it is the only thing he is good at.

The views of these audiences were justified when Sabumon and Hima Shankar got engaged in a dirty fight on Monday episode. At one point in time, Hima Shankar told Sabumon that she will slap him and during these moments, Srinish was nowhere to be seen. Later, Hima made herself drenched in the rain for many hours and Srinish did not even bother asking the real issue.

In almost all the episodes of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Srinish usually appears in the final moments and will be seen romancing Pearle Maaney. In yesterday's episode as well, Srinish literally failed to coordinate with the contestants during tasks and he was busy having loose talks with Pearle Maaney.

In the final moments of the Bigg Boss Malayalam episode yesterday, Pearle and Srinish were talking about the greatness of her father Maaney Paul, a motivational speaker. During the talk, Pearle praised her dad by saying that he could have easily won the Bigg Boss title if he was given a chance to participate. Pearle also added that her father is a person who knows how to deal with people in the most effective manner.

As Bigg Boss Malayalam is slowly turning out to be the family show of Pearle Maaney, social media users are urging Asianet to rename the program as 'Pearle Maaney show' or 'Pearlish Show'. It should be noted that 'Pearlish' is the name coined by Facebook users to denote Pearle and Srinish.