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Krishi has been shown the door from Bigg Boss 5 Kannada. Her journey came to an end on Saturday, November 17. 

People had expected Krishi to leave the house as she had failed to impress the viewers. Before leaving, she was asked to suggest one name by the Bigg Boss who will get a super power next week. She, surprisingly, took the name of Jayasrinivasan.

Apart from Krishi, Ashita, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Jagannath, Nivedita Gowda and Diwakar were in the danger zone this week. In the end, she got lesser votes than others.

Earlier Story:

The stage is set for the elimination of the fifth contestant in Bigg Boss Kannada 5. This week, six contestants are in the danger zone, and one among Ashita, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Jagannath, Nivedita Gowda, Diwakar and Krishi will be shown the door on Saturday, November 18.

Nomination process

Riaz's captaincy in the previous week had a direct impact on this week's nomination process, as the other inmates suggested his name for elimination. Also, Jayaram Karthik, who got the special power from Tejaswini Prakash before she left the house, was asked to cast two votes in addition to normal voting, and he chose Riaz and Diwakar for elimination.

The commoners named Jagannath, Krishi and other celebrities. Riaz, Ashita, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Jagannath, Nivedita Gowda, Diwakar and Krishi were pushed to the danger zone. However, Chandan, who had the power to save one person from elimination, surprised everybody by choosing Riaz.

Who'll be eliminated this week?

Given the viewers' response on social media sites, Sihi Kahi Chandru and Diwakar are most likely to be safe. People want Ashita or Jagannath to be out of the Sudeep-hosted show. Their proximity and behaviour has irked fans.

However, Jagannath has a decent fan following and his admirers might save him this week. Krishi and Nivedita do not have such fan following.

Our prediction is one among Krishi, Nivedita and Ashita might be out of Bigg Boss Kannada this week.