Lasya out of Bigg Boss Kannada 5.PR Handout

Lasya's journey in Bigg Boss Kannada 5 has ended in just two weeks as she was eliminated on Saturday, December 23. She is the eighth contestant to be out of Kiccha Sudeep-hosted show after Jagan, Ashita, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Suma, Tejaswini Prakash, Dayal Padmanabhan and Megha.

Sameer Acharya, Nivedita Gowda, Jayasrinivasan, Anupama Gowda and Diwakar along with Lasya, who was directly nominated by JK, was facing elimination this week. In the end, she was shown the door.

The online polls had indicated that she was likely to be out of the show as her performance and popularity was on the lower side compared to other nominees. Hence, her elimination has not come as a surprise.

The weekend show was lively and full of entertainment. Kiccha Sudeep, who apparently maintained soft approach towards solving the issues in the house in Bigg Boss Kannada 5, returned to his usual form which was enjoyed by the viewers in the last four seasons. 

The highlights of the Sudeep's show can be watched below:

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This season, the elimination process in Bigg Boss Kannada has been conducted in quite unpredictable manners. There were new ways of nominating people for elimination. This week, the men and women were divided into two teams where the inmates had to suggest names of their opposite sex.

As a result, there were quite a few surprises. Sameer Acharya, Nivedita Gowda, Jayasrinivasan, Anupama Gowda and Diwakar were pushed to the danger zone based on the votes of the inmates. JK, who got the special power from Jagan before leaving the house last weekend, directly nominated Lasya. So, six contestants are facing nomination.

The daily episodes of Bigg Boss Kannada were entertaining this week as the contests were between men and women. Leaving out their personal equations, the inmates fought hard in all the tasks and provided entertainment to viewers. The episodes were filled with drama and emotions.

Riaz Pasha turned the best performer of the week, while Anupama Gowda took the tag of the worst performer on herself for letting down the team spirits a few times.

Anupama Gowda, Diwakar and Jayasrinivasan are expected to be safe. In the beginning of this week, Sameer Acharya was predicted to be out of Bigg Boss Kannada as his behaviour was not going well with the viewers. But his performance in the tasks is likely to save him this week. Moreover, Samyukta Hegde's physical attack on him has apparently created a sympathy towards him from the viewers.

This is expected to work in favour of him. That leaves Nivedita Gowda and Lasya in the danger zone. Our prediction is that one among the two will be out of the house this week.