Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Grand Finale
A picture from Bigg Boss Kannada 5 grand finale.Colors Super Facebook Page

The commoners versus celebrities debate in Bigg Boss Kannada 5 has refused to die as it cropped up again at the grand finale of the Sudeep-hosted show. Although it was raked up to give a clarification, the response from the celebrities apparently sent a wrong impression again to the audience.

Chandan Shetty wins The Trophy

Jagannath raised the issue to state that they never treated commoners indifferently and all the people who have participated in the show have earned celebrity tags. 

"Someone sows the seeds and it has become like a big is affecting everyone as we are receiving a lot of brickbats. The way Chandan Shetty expressed his wish to see Diwakar as the winner clearly proves that there is not anything called celebs versus common man," he claimed while pointing at Riaz.

Riaz quickly clarified him and said, "I never meant to create any rift...let us not have anything in our hearts.The reason why I mentioned about the garden area (the place commoners spent their most of their timings) is that it was easy for everyone to identify us. We had the insecurity of minorities...I am very sorry and you all should be bigger people to forgive me."

Sihi Kahi Chandru too joined the debated by saying, "I don't know the reason behind Riaz's statements, but all I can say is that it has done huge damage to us. We treated everyone with equal respect. Maybe, the viewers' comments on us would change after listening to his comments now." Jayasrinivasan too stated that they never differentiated between people.

However, the outbursts of the celebs have not gone well with the netizens, who feel that they have displayed their arrogance again. Here, find the comments posted by people on Twitter:


@sihikahichandru Used to love and respect you. Grew up watching your movies. Lost respect after #bbk5. Ahankaara was evident. Sad.


It was a pre-fabricated script & relies heavily on editing. They ran the narrative of segregating common man vs celebs to attract fools. No matter what the celebs did they were going to get crucified. Celebs really got shortchanged this season #bbk5

Panindra kr

#bbk5  going by Jagan rant against commonners and he saying their perception in public damaged .will prove costly for bb organisers next time . No big celebs will dare to risk by opting to enter bb next time .  Bb team should be careful next time


Dear @chandanspshetty I as your big fan wud request u pls don't make friendship vd ur fellow contestants so called cheap celebs. They hv never taken stand for u till the end. I just want to c ur friendship vd Nivi who has supported u from day1. May ur frndshp grw stronger #BBK5

Vasanth Kumar 

#BBK5 I will add one word. be patient & things dont change just like that. It will take time.  Plz Show by ur actions not just by words  as you have created some impression.Of course biases exist in our society, & we are conditioned, imp is we hav to consciously minimise them


The way these celebs behaved was never expected in Finale.The way these celebs were acting was not in right spirit when Riaz was apologizing.They haven't learned lessons from #BBK5

Vadiraj M Kulkarni 

@jagan2347 @dayalpadmanaban @sihikahichandru  Cheap behavior in the end by 'celebrities'. Please understand, the finale was not about you. The people have already made their choice clear by voting. We all saw how you guys treated common men in the house. #bbk5  

Amrut bellennavar‏ 

Jagan to diwakar.   Heli diwakar nimag Evag yen anstide. Common man or celebrity...celebrity Tara feel aagtide alwa. Diwakar to Jagan.. Nan Nijavaglu  Heltini satyvaglu heltini  nan sales man anta ne annkondinidini..after this jagan..thumbs up
Nitish mahajan‏#BBK5These celebs will never have garden area in their house#BBK5 #ChandanShetty

Sindhu iyer‏  

@jagan2347 @dayalpadmanaban @sihikahichandru U did blunderous mistake at the end wch wasnt required ! Ppl gv opinions by the way u project yourself n gradually thy tend to 4get everything n accept u .  Its upto u how u carry yourself from now onwards . Justice delivered ! #bbk5