Bigg Boss Kannada 7 - 1st Week Elimination
Kuri Prathap, Chaithra Kotoor, Gurulinga Swamy, Raju Thalikote and Chaitra Vasudevan facing elimination.PR Handout

The first week of Bigg Boss Kannada 7 is completing without much fights and controversies this weekend. The inmates are apparently enjoying the company of each other and it looks like the inmates are spending time to know each other.

The contestants, without a choice and not knowing each other well, faced the nomination process on the second day of their stay. Based on the inmates' votes, Chaithra Kotoor, Gurulinga Swamy, Raju Thalikote and Chaitra Vasudevan are facing elimination in the first week, while Kuri Prathap was directly nominated.

Who will be out of Bigg Boss Kannada 7 in 1stweek?

Going by the people's response on social media sites, Kuri Prathap is undoubtedly safe this week. His innocence and funny acts have impressed the viewers. Not to forget, he enjoyed a big fan following even before he entered the seventh season of Bigg Boss Kannada.

Raju Thalikote, although a few women in the Bigg Boss house have disliked him for one or the other reason, seems to have left a mark in the hearts of the viewers. Further, he is a popular artist from North Karnataka and has a lot of support from the fans from this region. He too is expected to be safe this weekend. That leaves Chaithra Kotoor, Gurulinga Swamy, and Chaitra Vasudevan in the danger zone.

Chaitra Vasudevan has got sizeable fan following as an RJ when compared to Chaithra Kotoor and Gurulinga Swamy. It looks like one among Kotoor and Swamy will be out of Sudeep-hosted show this week.

It is because Chaithra Kotoor has failed to impress the viewers, rather her attempts to strike a good relationship with Shine Shetty has apparently backfired. Whereas a section of people do not wish to see a seer in a show like Bigg Boss as they feel that he might bring their religion into disrepute.