Bigg Boss Kannada 6: Contestant 9 - Adam Pasha
Adam Pasha is one of the contestants to enter Bigg Boss Kannada 6.Adam Pasha Facebook Page

Adam Pasha, the first contestant who entered the Bigg Boss Kannada house from LGBTQ community, has ended his journey in Sudeep-hosted show. He has been evicted from the show on Saturday, 17 November. 

He is a dancer and given performance in many countries including in the Europe. He is Bengaluru's first Drag Queen. He entered the show to send a message to the public that people from LGBTQ community are normal and can live like others in the society.

During his stay, Adam bonded well with the inmates and shared good rapport with most of the housemates. His close buddy is Andy aka Andrew in Bigg Boss Kannada 6. 

Earlier Story:

The first three evicted contestants from Bigg Boss Kannada 6 were female participants (Rakshita Rai, Reema and Sneha). Will the fourth be a male or female again? The answer will be known in the next couple of hours.

This week, nine contestants like Dhanraj, Naina Puttaswamy, Anand, Shashi Kumar, Kavitha Gowda, Adam Pasha, Rapid Rashmi, MJ Rakesh and Andy are facing the elimination test. Looking at the trends, it seems like a male contestant will be shown the door in the fourth week of Bigg Boss Kannada 6.

Among the nine, Dhanraj, Anand, Shashi, Adam, Rakesh and Andy are the male contestants who are facing eviction. Going by the buzz online, Andy, Rakesh, Shashi and Dhanraj almost have an equal number of supporters and critics.

The netizens are of the view that their performances in the tasks have been satisfactory and they give content to the show. Thus they can be considered safe this week on the Sudeep-hosted show.

That leaves Anand and Adam in the danger zone. Although a section of the audience feel that the former is an innocent man and needs to stay in the house, it is not sure how far their affection will translate into votes.

The biggest drawback for him is that he has neither impressed the viewers with his participation in the tasks, nor he has provided entertainment. Coming to Adam, people have accepted him for what he is, but, like Anand, he has not given strong reasons to stay in the house.

Our prediction: The chances of elimination between Adam and Anand stands at 36:65 ratio.