Bigg Boss Kannada 6: Contestant 6 - Akshata Pandavapura
Akshata Pandavapura is out of Bigg Boss Kannada 6.Akshata Pandavapura Facebook Page

Akshata Pandavapura is evicted from Kiccha Sudeep's Bigg Boss Kannada 6. She is the 12th contestant to be out of the Kannada reality show. 

The theatre artist had stayed in the house for 83 days and her participation in the tasks used to come under appreciation. She used to give cent percent in the tasks which gave her opportunity to show her acting skills. 

However, Akshata's coziness with Rakesh had left the viewers' fuming. The conservative audience were upset with her as they could not stand the sight of a married woman bonding with a single. There were lot of criticism on her behaviour on social media sites. 

Well, she is out of the show with just two weeks left for the grand finale of Bigg Boss Kannada 6. With her elimination, seven contestants like Andy, Dhanraj, Kavitha., Rakesh, Naveen, Rashmi and Shashi have got closer to the next level of the competition. 

Meanwhile, Naveen Sajju is the first contestant to get ticket for the grand finale of Sudeep's show.

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With only a few weeks left for the grand finale, the stage is set for one more elimination. One among Andy aka Andrew, Rakesh, Akshata, Shashi and Rapid Rashmi will end their journey in Kiccha Sudeep-hosted show on Saturday, 12 January.

While Rakesh, Akshata and Shashi were nominated based on the inmates' votes, Rapid Rashmi was directly pushed to the danger zone by captain Naveen.

Who will be eliminated this week?
There are eight contestants in the house this week and only five are expected to make it to the last stage of Bigg Boss Kannada 6. Last week, there was double elimination with Jeevitha and Murali being shown the door. No such surprises are expected this week.

Shashi has managed to impress the viewers with his participation in the tasks. Whereas the remaining four inmates' behaviours have not gone well with the viewers.

If Andy's erratic behaviour has left the viewers' fuming, Rakesh and Akshata's coziness has upset the conservative audience as they cannot stand the sight of a married woman bonding with a single. Whereas the viewers are not happy with Rapid Rashmi's cantankerous nature. But it has to be noted that she is a popular personality and has a good fan following compared to others.

Bigg Boss Kannada 6
Bigg Boss Kannada 6.Screen shot from a promo video of Bigg Boss Kannada

Our prediction: Akshatha has more chance to be out, but it would not be a surprise if one among Andy, Rakesh and Rashmi are shown the door from Sudeep's show.