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Dayal Padmanabhan is the third contestant to be out of Bigg Boss Kannada 5 after Suma and Megha. His three-week journey has come to an end on Saturday, November 4. 

Diwakar, Shruti, Jayasreenivasan, Nivedita, Riaz, Anupama and Dayal Padmanabhan were in the danger zone. But in the end, Dayal was shown the door from Bigg Boss Kannada. 

Before leaving he was asked to give a special power to one contestant and he surprisingly choose Sameer Acharya's name. "Sameer had this feeling that he suffered a lot in my minds. Hence, I would like to give him the special power," Dayal said. 

Dayal Padmanabhan one of the biggest celebrities to enter the house and he had created a good impression in the minds of the viewers in the first week. Unfortunately, his issues with Riaz in the last week apparently did not go well with the viewers.

Earlier Story:
Sameer Acharya apparently had a bad day at the Bigg Boss Kannada 5 house on the episode aired on Friday, October 3.

It was all started after Sameer Acharya, who is captain of the house this week, requested Sihi Kahi whether he could get a glass of milk.

The latter told him his one glass of milk can serve 8-9 glasses of tea for other inmates. With limited stock of milk, he was requested by Chandru not to consume it.

Jayasreenivasan intervened during their conversation and extended his support to Sameer Acharya. He demanded that the captain be given a glass of milk.

The issue became even more serious after Jagannath voiced his support for Sihi Kahi and Chandru, and had an argument with Sameer in the garden area.

Later, the inmates gathered at the living space to sort out the differences. During the conversation, Sameer could not defend himself, got emotional and apologised. Jayasreenivasan intervened once again, but as always he was on the receiving end for failing to articulate his views properly.

If this incident hogged the limelight throughout the day, Sameer Acharya's decisions while choosing the best and worst performers also came under the scanner. He suggested Anupama's name for the best performer and his reasons were not very convincing.

Also, he chose Chandru as the worst performer at the latter's own insistence, because Chandru said he wanted to set an example and tell the inmates that they should not be ashamed of receiving this specific tag from the captain. 

It may be recalled that captain Diwakar had refused to take the "worst performer" tag from last week's captain Shruti.

However, Sameera Acharya's decision to declare Chandru the worst performer was objected to by the inmates with the argument that the winner and loser should be decided purely on the basis of the inmates' performances.

This forced Sameera to immediately change his decisions, and he declared Chandan and Jayasreenivasan as the best and worst performers, respectively.

His close buddies Riaz and Diwakar looked disappointed by his inconsistent stands. Even Chandan looked upset. The trio were seen sharing their unhappiness with the captain.

Diwakar, Shruti, Krishi and Ashita have got immunity for next week for winning the tasks, and cannot be eliminated. But Diwakar and Shruti's immunity will go in vain if they fail to be saved by the viewers this week.


This week — apart from Diwakar and Shruti — Jayasreenivasan, Nivedita, Riaz, Anupama and Dayal Padmanabhan are in the danger zone. 

Our prediction is Nivedita Gowda will be shown the door.