Bigg Boss Kannada 5 - Contestant No. 16 - Jagan
Jagan aka Jagannath Chandrashekhar is the 16th contestant in Bigg Boss Kannada 5.Jagan Facebook Page

In a surprising development, Jagannath aka Jagan has been eliminated from Bigg Boss Kannada 5. He is the seventh contestant to be out of Sudeep-hosted show after Ashita, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Suma, Tejaswini Prakash, Dayal Padmanabhan and Megha.

He had entered the house as one of the favourites to win the trophy. He used to perform well in tasks, but this week his performance was not up to the mark. This apparently did not work in his favour.

Earlier Story

Unpredictability has been the watchword in Bigg Boss Kannada 5 and it is being regularly witnessed in the nomination process. This week, the inmates were handcuffed after dividing them into pairs.

Jayasrinivasan and Riaz Pasha, Diwakar and Sameer Acharya, Chandan Shetty and Nivedita Gowda, Anupama and Shruti and Jagannath and JK were the five pairs. Every handcuffed pair will enter the confession room and suggest one name among the two in conformity for this week's nomination.

After a quick chat, the inmates took the names without much hesitation. Diwakar, Jayasrinivasan, Chandan Shetty, Shruti Prakash and Jagan agreed to face the elimination test this week. Sameer Acharya, who turned safe after Diwakar agreed to get himself nominated, turned unlucky as he was directly nominated by captain Krishi. 

Who'll be eliminated this week?
The current trends indicate that Jayasrinivasan, Chandan Shetty and Diwakar will be safe this week. Their performance and the popularity are believed to be working in their favours. That leaves Sameer Acharya, Shruti Prakash and Jagannath in the danger zone.

Going by the comments posted by the fans of the show on social media sites, there is a tough competition among the trio.

The online polls claim that Sameer is the frontrunner to be out of the show, but also there is a strong chance of Shruti or Jagannath being eliminated from Bigg Boss Kannada 5. So far, six contestants like Ashita, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Suma, Tejaswini Prakash, Dayal Padmanabhan and Megha have been shown the door from the Sudeep-hosted show.