• Karishma Tanna, Gauhar Khan, Dolly Bindra and Other Real Faces of 'Bigg Boss' Contestants without Make-up
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  • Pooja Misrra
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  • Karishma Tanna, Gauhar Khan, Dolly Bindra and Other Real Faces of 'Bigg Boss' Contestants without Make-up
    Dolly BindraScreenshot/Youtube
  • Kamaal R Khan
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Salman Khan is soon coming back to entertain as a host in the controversial show, "Bigg Boss". After quitting the last season halfway, the actor will be reprising his role in the ninth season.

Just like the promos of "Bigg Boss 9" suggests, as "Double Trouble" there are possibilities, since this time the show has invited couples to participate.

While we await the names of the contestants taking part in "Bigg Boss 9", here are some of the troublemakers from the past seasons.

Karishma Tanna

"Bigg Boss 8" contestant Karishma Tanna had been tagged as the most annoying inmate not only by the audience, but also by show's host Salman Khan. The TV actress had irritated other contestants several times while performing tasks and was often unnecessarily loud and opinionated. She came across as extremely annoying when she asked "Bigg Boss" to disqualify co-contestant Gautam Gulati because of an argument during a task last season.

Pooja Misrra

Pooja Misrra was the most rebellious and annoying contestant of "Bigg Boss 5" and was extremely difficult to handle. Her involvement in numerous fights annoyed viewers as well as the housemates of that season. Her irritating behaviour and abusive nature resulted in her ouster from the show. However, she has still continued to be in news with her troublemaking tactics.

Sapna Bhavnani

The outspoken celebrity stylist Sapna Bhavnani was not only a troublemaker in the "Bigg Boss" house, she had many verbal fights with Salman Khan in the show of season 6. Apparently, Bhavnani made some unacceptable remarks on the host, which didn't go well with the superstar.

Armaan Kohli

Last season, Armaan Kohli was popular in "Bigg Boss" for two reasons - one was his affair with Tanishaa Mukerji and second was his abusive behaviour towards his inmates. He had fought and abused each of the contestants in the house.

Sambhavna Seth

The Bhojpuri actress, Sambhavna Seth, was another annoying troublemaker from season 2. She had landed in several fights with her inmates. Also, her chemistry with another troublemaker of that season, Raja Chowdhary, had created headlines.

Kushal Tandon

Though Kushal Tandon had created troubles in season 7, the tiff between him and Salman was the highlight of that edition. Tandon, who abused Kajol's sister and fellow contestant, Tanishaa, made a dramatic exit from the house. Salman was annoyed with his behaviour even after the TV actor returned to the show. Tandon made a big mistake by telling the outside world that Salman had apologised to him, since then the two of them are not in good terms.

Imam Siddique

"Bigg Boss 6" contestant Imam Siddique hogged limelight for all the wrong reasons. The housemates found him very annoying, specially when he dressed up in weird attires and called him a 'haivaan'.

Dolly Bindra

While there are many contestants who have annoyed housemates as well as viewers, Dolly Bindra takes the cake. The season 6 contestant made other house members' life hell because of her rebellious nature. She was constantly seen bickering and yelling without any valid reason.

Kamaal R Khan

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK was the first contestant in "Bigg Boss" house who was evicted from the show because of violence. His controversial fight with house mate Rohit Verma in season 3 became the talk of the town leading to his ouster.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant is well known for being loud and blunt and her stint in the reality show was no different. She was tagged as the drama queen of "Bigg Boss" Season 1 who cried, screamed and was often seen throwing tantrums.