While, "Bigg Boss 9" is getting more interesting with every passing week as contestants engage in one or the other controversies, there are reports of some paranormal activity in the house.

"Bigg Boss 9" house is being touted as haunted as some contestants and crew members claim to experience presence of ghosts in the building, according to a report in Times of India.

The report also stated that there are stories of contestants experiencing the feeling of being chocked as they see a shadow of a woman sitting on their chest at night.

Not only that, some contestants and crew members also claim to have vague visions of a woman standing in the corner of a room inside the house.

This is not the first time that rumors of "Bigg Boss" house being haunted came up. Earlier in 2010, Dolly Bindra was one of the contestants in "Bigg Boss 4" and the lady claimed to have been possessed by a spirit during the show.

According to an earlier report in Hindustan Times, Dolly Bindra was performing a task in the show and she suddenly started feeling dizzy. When other contestants came forward to help her, Dolly started screaming and acted abnormally, appearing to be possessed by a ghost, and eventually fainted.

Later, Dolly said that she was attacked by a spirit and her spiritual devotion saved her from dying, the report added.

Last year "Bigg Boss 8" also witnessed a similar incident but on a funny note. One of the contestants, Sonali Raut appeared to be possessed by a spirit and she started behaving weirdly.

While it appeared that Sonali became victim to a ghost, it eventually turned out to be a prank on another contestant Gautam Gulati and the entire drama was framed by Sonali along with some other contestants.

Although there have been rumors about paranormal activities inside the "Bigg Boss" house since quite long, it is not confirmed if the building is actually haunted or it is just a TRP enhancing gimmick.