manish, srishty and dipika

One of the most popular and loved contestant of this season, Srishty Rode, has slowly but steadily been making a place for herself inside the house. The diva, who shares an amicable equation with each one, has been through a rollercoaster ride of emotions inside the house. We got in touch with her beau, actor Manish Naggdev, for a freewheeling chat. Excerpts:

Do you feel Srishty Rode has not been her true self inside the house? She seems quite restricted, dominated and restrained by others.

I don't think she is not being her true self. Yes, last week, when everyone had tried to corner her and when she was being sidelined, she might have been a little upset. But this week is has been on fire. She has not only bounced back superbly but we also see the spark and the desire to do well in her.

Do you think it was fair for Bigg Boss to cancel her captaincy for the entire season considering we have every other housemates getting into physical fights?

I don't think it was a fair decision at all. I definitely think Bigg Boss should have punished them both, but, this step was way too harsh. Not just for Srishty but even for Saba. Bigg Boss could have been a little lenient with them.

What do you have to say about Dipika's mentoring during that task. Do you think she could have easily disqualified one and ended the fight?

What we see from outside is very different from what actually happens inside. Dipika had said that she hadn't seen the entire thing and had also asked people to correct her, but no one came forward. I am sure she had a strong reason behind doing what she did or didn't do.

Who do you think are her two friends inside the house?

I think everybody. Sree, KV, Saba and Somi; she has been good with everyone and is quite friendly.

Who would you say are her two biggest enemies inside the house?

Won't call them enemies but yes, Romil and Surbhi.

How would you say Dipika has been playing the game so far? Everyone says she is the strongest. Do you feel so?

I don't think Dipika is the strongest. I was actually waiting for her to come out of the kitchen and then show her game. And now that she is not a part of the kitchen anymore it would be interesting to see her game play. What else does she have to offer? There's still a lot of game left for her.

Sreesanth refers to Srishty as his sister. Do you think he really means it?

Sreesanth has clearly said that he considers her a sister and will consider her a sister for his lifetime but only outside the house, not inside it.

What do you have to say about Megha Dhade, the latest wildcard entry?

I don't think it was fair to call her into the house since she has seen and lived the show once already, so she will definitely have an edge over others. She is undoubtedly a strong competition as she has a strong fanbase too. It was unfair to add her as a wildcard entry.

If there was one message you had the opportunity to pass on to Srishty inside the house what would that be?

That she is the best of the lot and should remain the way she is.

If you had to describe each of these contestants in one word.

Srishty: Super- entertainer

Dipika: Sharp

Sreesanth: Game changer

Karanvir: Good heart

Lastly, if given a chance to enter the Bigg Boss house, would you join the show?

(Laughs) Not in this season, as I don't want to lose to Srishty. But, some other season, why not!