• Karishma Tanna, Gautam Gulati, Diandra Soares
     Gautam Gulati Reveals Karishma Tanna and Diandra Soares' Real FacesBigg Boss 8/ Facebook
  • Diandra Soares, Gautam Gulati, Upen Patel, Praneet Bhatt
    Diandra Soares, Gautam Gulati, Upen Patel, Praneet BhattBigg Boss 8/ Facebook
  • Sushant Divgikar
    Karishma Tanna chose her make-up kit, not her close friend Sushant DivgikarBigg Boss 8/Facebook
  • Gauahar Khan, Kushal Tandon
    Gauahar Khan, Kushal TandonReuters
  • Payal Rohatgi applies lipstick on Rahul Mahajan
    Payal Rohatgi applies lipstick on Rahul MahajanScreenshot/ YouTube

The biggest controversial show on television, Bigg Boss, continues to entertain the audience with fights, link-ups and betrayals.

Strangers become friends and friends turn enemies. The controversies not only boost the TRPs but also become topics of discussions online and elsewhere. The "Bigg Boss" house manages to draw a huge audience consistently.

Here are the few biggest breakups, fights and friendships of the house.

The end of P3G group

The unbreakable friendship of the P3G group (Praneet, Pritam, Puneet and Gautam) has come to an end. On the 54th day of "Bigg Boss 8," Praneet and Gautam had an argument during a task. The fight got worse when Dimpy intervened and took Gautam's side. Praneet slapped the latter on his back in a rage and Gautam demanded that "Bigg Boss" disqualify him.

Sushant and Karishma's tiffs

The most controversial celebrity of season 8, Karishma Tanna, did not miss a chance to hype things up in the house. During a task, Tanna and Gautam were given the choice to either release Sushant from the role of sevak(servant) or to get the former's make-up kit back. Gautam surprisingly chose the first option but Tanna, who is Sushant's close friend, opted for the second one. All the house members including Sushant were shocked with the actress' decision.

Diandra and Gautam's closeness

Affection blossomed between Diandra and Gautam in "Bigg Boss 8". The duo were seen spending alone time in several episodes. But the 'talk of the town' pair split up due to Karishma and the actor's fights. Diandra even called Gautam 'psycho' and started ignoring him.

Andy and Gauahar's rift in friendship

In season 7, VJ Andy was given a task to disturb his housemates and in return the members had to ignore him. Andy crossed boundaries when he passed some unpleasant comments about his close friend Gauahar. The diva and Kushal were livid about it. The latter tried to hit Andy and continued abusing him. This was the reason Kushal was thrown out of the house and Gauahar volunteered to leave with him.

Vishal Karwal and Sana Khan's love story

"Bigg Boss 5" was full of drama and one of them was the love story of Vishal Karwal and Sana Khan. Initially, the pair had a good chemistry in the house but later due to misunderstandings they stopped talking. Sana was also not comfortable about Karwal's friendship with contestants Karishma and Mink Brar.

Rahul Mahajan and Payal Rohatgi

The love triangle of Rahul Mahajan, Payal Rohatgi and Monika Bedi in an earlier Bigg Boss surely entertained the audience. In the beginning, Mahajan was seen flirting with Rohatgi a lot and the latter was responsive. But later when Bedi entered the house, Mahajan got attracted to her and  Rohatgi chose to ignore the disloyal man.