Mahesh Vitta with Baba Bashkar in Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Mahesh Vitta with Baba Bashkar in Bigg Boss Telugu 3Screenshot of Hotstar video

After eight weeks of being in the Bigg Boss house, it is only natural that the contestants would start missing home. Keeping this in mind, Bigg Boss surprised the housemates with a taste of home...

The contestants received home-cooked food in from their families in packed dabbas. Handwritten notes were also placed inside the boxes.  

The housemates jumped with joy and got emotional after learning of the surprise. Shiva Jyothi, Ravi Krishna and Vithika Sheru had tears in their eyes. 

Shiva Jyothi
Shiva JyothiTwitter/StarMaa

The sweetest of all the letters, we feel, was the one Shiva Jyothi received from her husband, in which he asked her to stay strong and not cry while reading the letter. He wrote that he is not missing her because he gets to see her on the television every day. 

Vithika's mother sent hers and Varun's favourite dish and wrote in her letter that she cooked especially for Varun since he had said that he was missing her food. Varun's family members asked him to take care of Vithika and he promised them that he would do.

All the contestants enjoyed the mouth-watering food.