Yuvika Chaudhary was eliminated on Sunday's episode and she sounds pretty disappointed in her media interactions.

The "Om Shanti Om" actress, who assumed either Aman Yatan Verma or Digangana Suryavanshi would go, is flummoxed at her ouster.

Talking to PTI about it, she says she would love to return as a wild card contestant as the love from her fans has been phenomenal.

"I seriously thought it would be either Aman Verma or Digangana Suryavanshi's turn to go this time. But, I think now people inside will up their game as they will think if Yuvika can get eliminated, anyone can," the actress further elaborated.

Also, contrary to what's being discussed on social media, Yuvika believes fellow contestant Prince Narula's feelings for her were genuine as he couldn't stand the sight of her leaving the house and stayed away from seeing her off.

"I felt he was genuine, he also said i was real. He looked very upset while I was leaving the house. He could not even muster the courage to come and hug me. He was looking at me from far. Had he been acting, he would have easily come to meet me one last time, thinking now she is going and it is okay," she added.

However, the viewers are not ready to believe that what Prince was doing was completely honest and say that there's an ulterior motive to it. Rishabh Sinha too was hitting on her but his advances didn't quite workout for him.