Day 68 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with Rishabh Sinha arguing with Priya Malik over his protein shake that was taken away during Priya's captaincy. While Priya tried reasoning it, Rishabh held her responsible for the loss of his stuff.

Later, Bigg Boss gave a chance to all the housemates to retrieve their personal stuff that had been confiscated before.

Priya, Kishwer Merchantt and Rishabh, who are in need of their belongings, were asked to enter three separate double-trouble soundproof booths where their decision-making skills were put to test. Bigg Boss gave the three housemates four options and asked them to announce their decision by pressing the buzzer.

The result of the task would decide if one or all the contestants would get their stuff back. Priya and Kishwer sacrificed their stuffs and helped Rishabh get his protein shake.

Later in the evening, Bigg Boss presented a task to the female contestants where they had to impress the captain.

The boys of the house were seen teasing Prince as and when the girls tried to woo him. Prince declared Nora as the winner of the task and the duo went on a romantic date by the pool side.

Inside the pool, Prince and Nora spent quality time with each other and he even gifted her a bracelet. The hunk told her that relationships can't be formed inside the house, to which Nora agreed and said that they will definitely meet outside the house.

Despite being on a date with Nora, Prince didn't forget to open up about his connection with ex-contestant Yuvika Chaudhary, whom he had proposed to inside the house before her eviction. He told Nora that Yuvika is special and that everyone liked her inside the house.

While Prince and Nora were busy romancing each other, Mandana Karimi and Priya indulged in an argument when the latter tried to help in the kitchen.