Controversial show "Bigg Boss 9" is getting interesting with the entry of two strong wild-card contestants: Priya Malik and Kanwaljeet Singh.

Day 45 of "Bigg Boss 9" saw the two volatile contestants getting into an ugly fight with the housemates.

The day started with Priya and Mandana Karimi discussing their strategy to win the luxury budget task – Dairy. Priya was seen giving some tips to her team's captain Rimi Sen in order to get their team to win.

Later, Rochelle Rao, Mandana and Priya were seen discussing about Kanwaljeet and his inappropriate behaviour towards the participants.

Kanwaljeet angered Rochelle by commenting on her boyfriend Keith Sequeira and his ex-wife. This irked Rochelle, who got into an ugly spat with the 60-year-old. She warned him not to speak about Keith as he doesn't know him. To this, Kanwaljeet replied he knows Keith better than Rochelle, which further angered her.

Kanwaljeet also landed into a nasty fight with Priya when she called the 60-year-old a "pig".

Later in the day, both teams continued with their previous day's dairy task. While performing the task, Kanwaljeet picked up a fight when he said tissues are used in toilets in Australia. Priya took offence to it and claimed Kanwaljeet was being racist and demanded that he be thrown out of the house.

To create further conflicts among the inmates, Bigg Boss showed a clip to Priya where her team's captains Rimi was seen helping the opponent team's captain Prince Narula during the task.

This irked Priya, who gave an earful to Rimi, saying she doesn't want to lose the task because of her. Mandana, who was performing the task despite being sick, was also upset with Rimi and decided to take away the latter's make-up.

The day ended with Prince's team winning the luxury budget task.