"Bigg Boss 9" on Saturday was fun as well as interesting.

Fun because host Salman Khan was in a very good mood. Even as he was grilling the contestants, he did not lose patience with them.

The interesting bit was of course Shah Rukh and Salman's little question-answer round. 

The Saturday episode began with the "Sultan" actor questioning the contestants attitude towards tasks – for luxury budget and captaincy – but not without adding some harmless humour.

The host made fun of Gizele Thakral's lips and she took it very sportingly. Keith Sequeira and Rochell Rao's bathroom visit was also laughed at.

Priya Malik and Rishabh Sinha's uncertain relationship was brought to everyone's notice. The former also said how she did not want friendship with Rishabh, which depended on a bottle of protein shake.

Giselle, Priya and Rishabh were declared safe during the episode.

Towards the end of the episode, SRK and Salman's question and answer round revealed some rare facts about the two superstars which, the world was unaware about until last night.

Facts like SRK snores in his sleep and Salman showers using cold water were among other things that were revealed to the audience.

Narrating the incident, Salman said during the filming of their movie "Karan Arjun,", he had to share his bed with Shah Rukh as there were guests on the sets of their film." Due to the presence of guests, they had to crash in a single room along with Sohail Khan and Bunty Walia.

Everyone in the hotel room had a good laugh once SRK's began snoring. After a little while, the snoring got louder with time. Later, Salman kicked the "Dilwale" actor out of the bed waking him up.

Salman and Shah Rukh counted the number of films they have acted in together, and named one – ""Dushman Duniya Ka" -- which is hardly known to anyone except for some really passionate fans of the stars.

The sneak peek promises a good one-hour of fun lined-up for the viewers on Sunday. Watching the two stars dancing to each others' songs and mouthing dialogues are two of the few things that could make a fan's day.