More than inside the house, "Bigg Boss 9" has been creating controversies outside of it.

After a complaint against two of the show's contestants Prince Narula and Suyyash Rai, "BB9" is now in soup for its Shah Rukh-Salman "Karan Arjun" temple promo.

Bharat Rajput's (district president of Hindu Mahasabha) feedback on the matter is in the negative. He said the superstars in a kaali temple with their shoes on have hurt their religious sentiments and had requested the team to take the promo off air before the Sunday episode.

"If the actors were not that careful, at least the makers of the promo should have taken care that it is a religious set and should have not been tampered with. Our district president has also written to Colors on its feedback email id and asked them the reason behind such a blunder," The Times of India quoted Ashok Sharma, national vice president, Hindu Mahasabha as saying.

Although the special episode was on TV Sunday night, the religious group could till demand an apology. Will this issue be blown out of proportion or will the channel run an apology?

A few days ago, Zarina Usmani, chairperson of the UP Women's Commission, had sought immediate action against the makers and contestants of "BB9". In her complaint she mentioned how Prince and Suyyash's attitude towards fellow participant Mandana Karimi was appalling and completely uncalled for.