Rimi Sen is easily the laziest contestant in the history of "Bigg Boss". Her disinterest in tasks and general lethargy has become a topic of discussion both inside and outside the mad house.

Salman Khan even questioned the actress if being lackadaisical was part of her strategy to survive the show. Rimi gave a mellow response saying this was how she has been all her life and it's difficult to change her personality.

A few days ago, there were reports of Rimi being paid Rs 2 crore by the channel for the show, which was later rubbished by "Bigg Boss 8" winner Gautam Gulati.

Interestingly, according to an ABP report, the actress signed a separate contract with the makers, which states if voted out, she will get to keep the whole amount. However, in case she decides to walk out the door all by herself, she will receive only 20% of the money.

Meanwhile, Day 45 saw Priya Malik blasting Rimi's case for sharing milk packets and stickers with Prince Narula from the other team. This irked Mandana Karimi, who said she was tired of having this conversation with her for the past 6 weeks.

Rimi's performance has been very shoddy and her attitude towards the show isn't mention-worthy.

Even in the previous luxury budget task, in which she was made the moderator, Rimi chose to stay inside saying she doesn't want to supervise it and that they could play their own game. This cost the housemates their ration for the week.