"Bigg Boss 9" is coming into its own. The increasing number of fights and arguments are proof enough.

Because this year's bunch is a mighty disobedient one, Bigg Boss has decided to get them to straighten their ways around the house.

Three major rules — no sleeping during the day, microphones should be worn at all times and conversations must happen in Hindi — were broken time and again.

The housemates were shown a clipping of them flouting the diktats left, right and centre. Later, captain Priya Malik was summoned by Bigg Boss to the confession room and told how her stint as captain would be extended by another week if she managed the house well.

Also, with the power invested in her by Bigg Boss, she was told she would be able to assign tasks and punish the inmates as and when they went wrong.

Throughout the day, Mandana Karimi, Rishabh Sinha, Kishwer Merchant and Keith Sequeira were punished.

Priya, who had a heated tiff with Rochella Rao, punished herself for speaking in English.

Mandana and Kishwer's huge showdown was interrupted by Suyyash Rai, who said the Iranian beauty should be thankful for whatever little respect she has received from the fellow-participant.

Keith was spotted pacifying Rochelle and also boosting her confidence, dampened after Kishwer blamed her for cribbing about a packet of snacks.

By the end of the conversation, Rochelle was convinced she could be the person she was earlier — strong and level-headed — but was also a little unsure about her equation with Keith. She was upset at how she being stubborn in the house was affecting him.