Day 73 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with Prince Narula winning back Rs 4 lakh that the housemates had lost earlier in a game.

Later during the day, Bigg Boss announced that the three pairs who have won the 'Baazi' task were Suyyash Rai-Priya Malik, Rochelle Rao-Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi-Kishwer Merchantt and will get an opportunity to compete for captaincy task this week.

But the twist was that the three pairs had to mutually decide among themselves and select three contenders for the captaincy task. Priya and Kishwer let their partners Suyyash and Mandana get a chance to compete.

However, Rishabh and Rochelle had an argument as they both wanted to contest. This resulted in Bigg Boss disqualifying them and both of them lost the chance.

The two contenders for captaincy -- Suyyash and Mandana -- were handed a ring, which they had to hold on to for as long as possible. Prince was the supervisor of the task. Mandana gave up on the captaincy task, resulting in Suyyash becoming the new captain.

As the day progressed, Gizele and Mandana landed in a huge fight when the latter claimed that she wanted Gizele out of her life.

In the night, Nora Fatehi found a handwritten letter on her bed but was not able to read it as it was written in Hindi. Prince helped Nora and read out the letter. Knowing that Rishabh was her Secret Santa, Nora got upset and thought that he had written in Hindi only to make fun of her.