Looks like "Bigg Boss 9" is finally getting interesting with the entry of the first wild card contestant Rishabh Sinha.

After his grand entry on day 22, the prelude of the next episode saw the housemates performing an entertaining task where they have to run a hotel.

While viewers must be eagerly waiting to watch the episode on Tuesday, according to Twitter buzz, the task will be a torturous one for the inmates.

Prince Narula, being the captain of the house, will be made the hotel manager. Interestingly, Rishabh and Mandana Karimi will be the guests of the hotel, while the other inmates, will have to clean, cook and provide service to their 'customers'.

TV celebs Sargun Mehta, Sana Khan, previous seasons contestants VJ Andy and Ali Quli Mirza, will also be seen appearing on the show as guests.

Mandana and Rishabh will be harassing Kishwer Merchantt by making her do odd services.

They will make Kishwer behave like a dog and fetch the bones thrown by them. Seeing Kishwer helplessly fulfil their demands, her boyfriend Suyyash Rai breaks down.

Check out some pictures from day 23 of the "Bigg Boss 9" house.