The ongoing luxury budget task — Paanch Dosh â€” in "Bigg Boss 9", is getting interesting.

After Kishwer Merchant's team won the "ego" task and Prince Narula from the opposite team emerged winner of the "lust" task, the prelude to the next episode saw Mandana Karimi and Rishabh Singh taking up the "anger" task while Rochelle Rao and Kanwaljeet Singh compete against each other in the "greed" task.

While viewer are eagerly waiting for the episode to air, according to Twitter buzz, Mandana and Rishabh were imprisoned and had to control their anger while other housemates irritated them. Mandana emerged the winner of the task.

The next task in Paanch dosh was "greed", where Kanwaljeet accepted a fake "ticket to finale", resulting in Rochelle winning the task. Thereafter, in the "sloth" task, the face-off was again between Rochelle and Kanwaljeet.

Further, buzz is the team of Rochelle, Keith, Prince and Mandana has won the Paanch Dosh task.

In the last episode, Mandana, whose "expensive" stuff were destroyed by rival team members in the "ego" task, was adamant on smashing Kanwaljeet's diamond ring. She said Kanwaljeet's belongings didn't hold emotional value, while her things did. This irked the housemates, who landed in a heated argument.