After a series of arguments in day 46 of "Bigg Boss 9", the prelude to the next episode will see Bigg Boss announcing a golden opportunity to the inmates where they could leave the house as per their will.

While viewers must be eagerly waiting for the episode to air, according to Twitter buzz, housemates would want Rimi Sen to use the opportunity and leave the house.

To everyone's surprise, Rimi doesn't react to the opportunity. To this, a furious Rishabh would pack her bag himself and ask her to walk out.

Not just Rimi, even Mandana Karimi, who desperately wanted to leave the show, will not use the opportunity. At the end, none of the contestants walk out of the house.

Meanwhile, in the captaincy task, Rochelle Rao was forced to quit the task after being tortured by Rishabh.

On the other hand, Priya Malik will be surprised to see that almost all the housemates have been supporting Prince Narula and targeting her. Prince in return will tell her that they are supporting him as he deserves to win.

The winner of the captaincy task will be decided between Prince and Priya.