Rimi Sen has been ranting about how she's not a perfect fit for shows like "Bigg Boss 9". Every other weekend, the actress would wish and pray to be voted out of the game.

According to Twitter handles that have regularly broken "Bigg Boss" stories, she has been evicted. This piece of news comes as a relief to host Salman Khan, contestants and viewers.

During the initial weeks, the housemates took her banter in jest, but when they began losing tasks and luxury budgets, they protested.

A few days ago, when the front door was opened and the celebs were given an opportunity to leave the show, Rimi chose to stay put in her bed. This irked fellow participants, who asked her about her decision of not quitting the show.

Salman too, on several occasions, has reprimanded the actress for her lackadaisical attitude. But Rimi never worked on it.

In other news, there were rumours of Rimi being the highest-paid contestant of the show. And it was widely reported that if she ever left the house wilfully, she would get to keep only 20 % of the amount promised to her, which is Rs 2 crore.

Rimi's elimination will reportedly be aired on Monday's episode.