Priya Malik's entry into the "Bigg Boss 9" house has made an impact, good or bad depends on perspective.

The housemates were all playing safe and were sort of in their comfort zones until Priya stepped in. She, with her unapologetic statements and in-your-face attitude, has managed to shake the contestants up a little.

The captaincy task required celebs to sit tight in a car. The one holding on to his/her seat till the end will win it and be awarded with immunity for two consecutive weeks.

While Suyyash Rai and girlfriend Kishwer Merchant gave up early, Rishabh Singh left after he got into a tiff with his co-passengers in the car, leaving only Priya, Rochelle Rao and Prince Narula in it.

Since sitting in the car without much activity got boring, Bigg Boss ordered the rest to get the three inside to step out.

After the inmates began hurling food waste on the ones inside, Rochelle left the task. Priya, who didn't seem in the mood to walk out of the task, stayed mum and chose to ignore the chaos outside. She even urinated in the car. While this act is being branded as gross, cheap and desperate on social media, it got her the captain's crown.

According to a Bollywood Life report, Priya is the next captain of the house. The coming week will be interesting as this contestant is still neutral and says things as they are.