After a chaotic day in "Bigg Boss 9" where the housemates got involved in several fights, the prelude of the next episode saw the contestant landing in a heated argument over the luxury budget task -- jewel thief.

While the viewers must be excited to watch the upcoming episode, according to Twitter buzz, the police team comprising of Rochelle Rao, Prince Narula, Kishwer Merchantt and Priya Malik has won the task.

Not just this, the next episode will also see Nora Fatehi confessing her love for Prince. During Christmas celebration, Nora said Prince is a good friend when the latter proposed her with a ring and flowers.

Prince, however, clarified to Suyyash Rai that Nora is not more important to him than the game. Also, Nora told Kishwer, Suyyash and others not to talk about her and Prince's relationship.

Meanwhile, in the last episode, Priya told Nora about the conversation that the housemates had about Nora and Prince's posture while they were at the sky lounge area. Nora, who was furious with the inmates, confronted them and warned them not to joke about such a sensitive topic.

Having said that, Nora accused everyone of having double standards before bursting into tears.