"Bigg Boss 9" eliminations have been shocking from the very first week.

On Saturday, social media was abuzz with Rimi Sen's eviction news, but now, a few Twitter handles confirm that it is Aman Yatan Verma who has been shown the door.

Salman Khan who was seen grilling the contestants left, right and centre, may have given Aman a slight hint about his elimination. The superstar asked him if he was missing his girlfriend.

In other news, Keith Sequeira will be seen entering the house soon alongside wild-card entrant Priya Malik, who shot to fame with her stint in "Big Brother Australia".

The 28-year-old school teacher who braved racial profiling post her eviction from the show told IANS Rimi doesn't deserve to be in the house as it's insulting to sign a show and then not be an active part of it.

Talking about the housemates, she said her hate list is long, adding that she isn't particularly fond of anyone. 

Priya has been coming across as pretty confident and fierce in her interviews, and believes her experience with a similar show puts her ahead of others.

"Mandana Karimi is popular, but she does a lot of inhuman things, and so does Kishwer Merchant. If Keith comes back, he would be my competition because he was the only sensible person. But he can be boring, so that's an advantage for me," The Asian Age quoted her as saying.

With "BB9", Priya is hoping to change the preconceived notions foreigners have about Indians. She has realistic goals and doesn't expect Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan to bat for her.