The weekend is here and contestants are ready to face host Salman Khan's gyaan and elimination. And this week in double elimination two contestants have bid adieu to the show.

Moroccan beauty Nora Fatehi, who entered as a wild-card contestant, was evicted from the show on Saturday and another contestant was shown the door on Sunday. The second evicted contestant, who left the house on Sunday night, was none other than Suyyash Rai.

According to Twitter buzz, Nora's eviction was based on the number of votes, while the second contestant's was decided based on content.

The Reality Post, a Twitter handle that gives accurate predictions, confirmed the news that Nora had been evicted from the show based on the lowest votes. This week, Mandana Karimi and Prince Narula received the highest votes, while Nora and Suyyash Rai were in the danger zone.

"#BB9 #BiggBoss9 First News Here : NORA FATEHI is EVICTED from the Bigg Boss 9 House. Double Eviction May Happen, #BB9 #BiggBoss9. Shocking : Suyyash Rai is EVICTED from the Bigg Boss 9 house in Double Eviction #BB9 #BiggBoss9. Exclusive : Nora's eviction was done on basis of Votes,while Next eviction will happen on basis of content soon, (sic)" The Reality Post tweeted.

With Nora's elimination, another love story ended inside the house. Prince gave a ring to Nora and proposed to her last week, but the Moroccan beauty said they are just good friends. Prince and Nora were even caught kissing in the bedroom area after the captaincy task this week. However, their love story ended before it could start.

Hosted by Salman Khan, the 24x7 live feed from the "Bigg Boss 9" house is available online on the Colors website.