After getting an earful from Salman Khan in the weekend episode of "Bigg Boss 9", the prelude of the next episode saw Bigg Boss giving an opportunity to the housemates to win Rs 20 lakhs.

As per the rule of the task, all the housemates had to hold on to a set of bags full of money for 24 hours. Each contestant's bag contained a different amount of money and the one who gave up on the task would lose the amount.

Priya Malik, being the captain of the house, was the supervisor of the task. Digangana Suryavanshi didn't participate in the task owing to her ill health.

While viewers must be eagerly waiting for the episode to air, according to twitter buzz, Mandana Karimi would quit the task first. Ironically, her bag would contain the highest amount of money.

In between the task, the Jallad would enter the house to irritate the contestants and force them to give up the task.

He would take away some of the inmates' personal belongings like Kanwaljeet's clothes, Kishwer Merchantt and Rochelle Rao's make-up and jewelleries, a few contestants' family photos and protein shakes.

Meanwhile, in the last episode, Salman bashed Rimi, who chose not to use the opportunity to leave the house despite being cribbing about wanting to go home for several weeks now.

Calling her an unfair contestant, Salman said that she has been disrespecting the show instead of being grateful. Rochelle, Priya and Kishwer also criticised Rimi for her wrong attitude.