After the entertaining episode where Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol charmed the housemates with fun games, the preview of the next episode shows Bigg Boss giving the housemates an opportunity called "Baazi" to regain money lost in an earlier episode.

The contestants were divided into four pairs — Rochelle Rao and Rishabh Sinha, Kishwer Merchantt and Mandana Karimi, Keith Sequeira and Nora Fatehi, and Suyyash Rai and Priya Malik — and one of the partners will have to stand on one pole.

Captain Prince was seen in the confession room betting on which jodi will win the task. If he gets the jodi right, the housemates will get the winning amount back.

While viewers must be eagerly waiting for the episode to air, according to Twitter buzz, after the pole task, the second phase of "Baazi" will require contestants to fight professional wrestlers.

If they survive inside the ring for 20 minutes, they will get some more of their lost prize money back.

Prince, once again, is asked to bid on the jodi he thinks will survive in the task.

Further, the buzz is that the upcoming week will also see Bigg Boss introducing a "family task" where family members of the contestants will be seen inside the house.

While all the contestants' family members show up, Mandana's parents, who reside in Iran, may not be able to make it. Instead her boyfriend or friends will meet her inside the house.