After a fun and exciting episode of "Bigg Boss 9" where the contestants celebrated host Salman Khan's birthday, the upcoming episode will shock the viewers.

While every week housemates nominate each other either through open nomination or in confession room, Twitter buzz suggests that this week the nominations will be based on the decision of Kishwer Merchantt, Priya Malik and Rochelle Rao.

Kishwer, Priya and Rochelle were asked to enter double trouble room where their decision making skills were tested.

Bigg Boss gave three options to the three ladies in which if one person pressed the buzzer, any two contestants would get nominated, if two people pressed the buzzer, any four contestants will get nominated and if all three of them pressed the buzzer, all other housemates will be nominated for this week except for them.

The three ladies pressed the buzzer, resulting in captain Suyyash, Prince Narula, Keith Sequeira, Nora Fatehi, Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi being nominated this week.

Meanwhile, in the last episode, Mandana turned violent against all the housemates. It all started when Prince took the cap given to Mandana by Salman and wore it. This irritated Mandana and she told the inmates not to touch her personal belongings.

Meanwhile, Priya said that Mandana had once taken away Rishabh's belongings. This further infuriated Mandana, who took off the devil horns worn by Priya and broke them.