Saturday's episode of "Bigg Boss 9" started with childhood photos of the contestants, after which Salman Khan began grilling them.

This week, surprisingly, it was Mandana Karimi who was on the superstar's crosshairs. He questioned her idea of performing a task and also asked her how, during every activity, she falls ill and gives up.

Prince Narula, who readily agreed with Salman, said they aren't writing off the fact that she has been feeling weak, but the manner in which she calls in sick during every task has them wondering.

The Iranian import was also asked about her reasons behind flipping out on "best friend" Rochelle Rao, who was only talking ill about her because it was a task that would save her from being nominated for eviction this week.

Kishwer Merchant said she felt Rochelle and Mandana always had their share of differences, and now suddenly calling themselves "besties" felt a little made-up. She also went on to say the supermodel used the task as a shield to express her disgust for Mandana.

Rimi Sen was quizzed extensively about her inappropriate behaviour in the house. Asked by Salman what was she thinking when she signed up for the show, the actress said she was looking at strengthening her financial status.

The "Prem Ratan Dhan Payo" actor was far from impressed with her lackadaisical attitude towards the show, and said either she was being foolish in rejecting the exposure the show was giving her or it was her strategy.

In other news, after the episode, an unknown voice summoned contestants to the garden area saying she was their Bigg Boss for the day and they would have to entertain her.

Prince, who immediately knew it was Deepika Padukone, rushed to the washroom to get himself groomed before he met the charming actress. But his perfume-spraying act has become a joke on Twitter.

Here are some tweets:

Nilima | TeamGautam: Prince applying deo & making his hair cause he thinks Deepika is coming. Lol! #BB9WithSalmanKhan #BB9

Ashifa: Prince deepika ka naam sunte hi Deo lagane gaya Lol fan boy @BiggBoss #bb9 Deepika ki voice so good for ears

Noorani: Bwahahahahahaha Prince spraying deo after hearing Deepika's voice even she started laughing #bb9

Tamal Das: See even Deepika is laughing at Prince. Aare budhdhu she can't smell the perfume from there.!! So Dumb he is. #BB9

NutsAboutPreetika: Birdbrain nut Prince is sprayin some body spray before goin to the garden area, he thinks Deepika is gonna go n hug him there!#BB9

Bajirao Mastani: Prince is a Deepika fan omg! He went to put deodorant the moment he heard her voice lol & Deepu was just laughing at him #BB9