"Bigg Boss 9" contestant Rishabh Sinha isn't really the most-loved contestant. Everyone has had their share of differences with him.

On day 44, the 'BB diary' came to the hilt when he began licking Priya Malik's fingers. While the wild card contestant didn't make it an issue initially, she later went on to say he was being 'sexual' and 'physical'.

Rishabh took the accusations in his stride saying he was only playing the game adding it was the only way to get her to remove her hands from the milk-dispensing tap.

Interestingly, evicted contestant Aman Yatan Verma has a very similar opinion of Rishabh. Talking to Bollywood Life, he said how his actions in the house were 'obscene' and so they will not be aired on TV.

"Rishabh used to make very obscene gestures inside the house which will never be aired on the show. Though I can't comment on any specific incident but there has been a lot of "stuff" that he has done. The man is absolutely crass is all I can say right now," the actor further elaborated.

Also, he said how Rishabh is 'fake' adding that he is only trying to poke and get reactions out of people which isn't a very pleasant thing to do.

"Rishabh is doing everything only to provoke people and get a reaction. I don't think he has any identity other than that," he added.

In other news, day 44 started with Priya and Rishabh indulging in some light-hearted flirtation. After what the latter did, will they continue their friendship or is it now over forever?