Day 43 of "Bigg Boss 9" saw the entry of fourth wild card contestant Priya Malik.

The day started with the housemates stealing Rimi Sen's make-up kit in order to earn the luxury budget. In the weekend episode, Deepika Padukone gave them an option of surrendering Rimi's make up in exchange of the luxury budget goodies. Since Rimi didn't agree to sacrifice her make-up kit, the housemates decided to hide her stuff.

While Rochelle Rao and Digangana Suryavanshi tried to hide Rimi's make-up, Rimi announced that if they didn't return her belongings, she will never participate in any task.

To this, the housemates came to a consensus to return Rimi's kit only after she promised to perform the upcoming tasks.

The next morning, the housemates were seen enjoying the November rain inside the pool.

Later that day, Bigg Boss announced about the nomination proceeding and that Priya, who participated in last year's "Big Brother Australia", would be conducting nominations this week.

Priya was given the power to accept the nominations only when she was convinced with the reasons given by the contestants. While doing so, she was also seen grilling the contestants. Later, Priya walked into the house as a wild card contestant.

The wild card contestant gave the housemates a reality check and how they are portraying themselves to their fans. As for Rimi, Priya stated that she is coming across as unprofessional on the show. She encouraged the housemates to voice their opinions and stand up for themselves at the right time. The episode ended with Priya spending quality time with each of the contestants.