Day 38 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with the housemates discussing about the previous day's task Shararati Bachchen.

Rochelle Rao was seen discussing that she was the only one who didn't lose her temper throughout the task and hence, deserves to be the best performer.

Later, Bigg Boss asked the task supervisor Rimi Sen as to who was the worst performer of the task. Rimi nominated Mandana Karimi as she quit the task mid-way.

Mandana, being the worst performer, was then asked to pack her bags and leave the house. With the eviction of one of the strongest contender, Rimi declared that she is confident and is going to be in the show till the grand finale.

However, the twist in the eviction was that Mandana has not been eliminated. She was actually kept in a secret room, from where she could spy on the contestants.

To make the show more spicy, Bigg Boss disclosed it to the housemates that Mandana is in a secret room and that she has the power to nominate two contestants for eviction.

Interestingly, the housemates were told that the two nominees will actually be saved rather than evicted. Hence, in order to save them from eviction, they have to behave in a manner that brings them in Mandana's bad books.

Soon, Rochelle Rao, Aman Verma and others were seen trying their best to bitch about the Iranian beauty.

On the other hand, Mandana is surprised to see the negativity around her. She was seen upset with Rochelle and vowed to seek revenge on all those who backstabbed her.

Later, the inmates were seen talking about Rimi, who said that she wants to increase her bank balance without doing any task. Kishwer felt that Rimi has started taking interest in the show and called her fake.

Rimi further added that all contestants are inside the house for money, which upset some of the participants.

On Twitter, the viewers have been expressing their views on Rimi and her comment.

KSGian & GGian: "Rimi just wanna make money, she knows the deal #BB9"

#IStandWithPrince: "HMs tried their level best to make #Rimi look bad & she seriously didnt give a F about anyone Shes hilarious lmao #BB9"

Puneet Sharma: "Every1 looks so helpless when it cums to Rimi Sen coz they can't understand her. Break her, convince her, evict her. #bb9 #BigBoss9 mystery"

"Rimi is trying every trick to get her fans to stop voting for her but we're selfish and we want her to stay. Sorry Rimi. #BB9 #RimiSen"

Sana: "Rimi indirectly disclosed that she's very much interested in the game. Not shocking at all! Glad everyone's aware of her game plan #BB9"

simplypurple:"Rochelle, it's harder to be quiet right? Then it proves Rimi is herself because she's been the same throughout. #BB9"