Controversial show "Bigg Boss 9" has become more interesting with the recent entry of the two wild card contestants.

The day 47 started with Mandana Karimi arguing with Kanwaljeet Singh in the wee hours over the latter making noise while eating inside the bedroom. She called Kanwaljeet an 'old man', which irked the 60-year-old, resulting in more noise.

In the morning, out of the four remaining contenders of the captaincy task, Kishwer Merchantt quit claiming that she is tired of sitting inside the car.

Later, Prince Narula, Rochelle Rao and Priya Malik, who have been inside the car remained adamant to gain immunity on day two of the task. Meanwhile, the housemates tried to irritate them by throwing waste, shampoo and spraying perfumes. Kishwer and Priya landed in an ugly spat after which the latter sprinkled her urine on Kishwer.

Soon after this, another fight erupted between Rochelle and Prince when Rishabh Sinha tried to pull Rochelle's foot down in order to disqualify her from the task. Rochelle blamed Rishabh for hurting her and accused Prince of inappropriately touching her.

The day ended with Bigg Boss announcing a golden opportunity to the inmates where they could leave the house as per their will. The door of the Bigg Boss was left open for a few minutes during which housemates could walk out of the house.

While the viewers must be eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode, the prelude of the next episode saw Rishabh demanding Rimi Sen to leave the house. When Rimi would not react, a furious Rishabh would pack her bag and ask her to walk out.