"Bigg Boss 9" has grown into a living hell or more like a crèche where adults like Mandana Karimi cry over two missing pieces of chocolates.

Tuesday's episode started off with Suyyash Rai-Priya Malik, Rishabh Sinha-Rochelle Rao, Nora Fatehi-Keith Sequeira clinging on to poles. Prince Narula, who was asked to bet on that one pair who would win task, put his money on Keith and Nora but Rishabh and Rochelle emerged winners. And so, he lost out on all the money that was at stake.

Next up, the contestants were moved to the activity area where they were made to wrestle professionals. The girls won the task as they survived within the crease longer than the men. In between all the madness, Mandana lost it when she was informed that Rishabh and Keith stole her chocolates. She threw a fit and went about crying around the house.

Gizele Thakral, who considers herself to the Iranian's confidante, was seen drifting away from her after she had an altercation with the latter. Amid all the bad blood, Kishwer Merchantt looked like a happy soul. She was enjoying every bit of Mandana's suffering, who later did confront Rishabh for flicking her chocolates.

Rochelle, forgetting all the misunderstandings, walked up to the "Kya Kool Hai Hum 3" actress and helped her realise her mistakes. And what luck, she did acknowledge she had gone wrong in accusing people left, right and centre.

Priya and Nora had a huge showdown after the former claimed Prince wasn't doing his job right as a captain. She said how she was punished for breaking a crucial house rule but Nora was not questioned one bit for speaking in English. This issue snowballed into a full-blown argument after which Prince took away both of their mattresses.

The episode ended with Prince placing the correct bet, which resulted in the housemates winning back the amount that was on stake.