Day 44 of "Bigg Boss 9" saw the housemates landing in a heated argument during the luxury budget task.

The day started with Prince Narula and Rochelle Rao discussing about Rishabh Sinha, who tried impressing the new member of the house -- Priya Malik.

Later, Bigg Boss announced the luxury budget task -- Dairy -- where the contestants were divided in two teams. Prince and Rimi Sen were the captains of the task. Kishwer Merchantt, being the captain of the house, was appointed as the supervisor.

Prince's team included Rochelle, Kanwaljeet Singh and Rishabh, while Rimi's team had Priya, Suyyash Rai and Mandana Karimi.

As per the rules of the task, both the teams were required to collect milk from a cow and pack the milk. The team with maximum number of milk packets will be declared as the winner of the task.

As the task progressed, both the teams enthusiastically started collecting milk, but while doing so, Priya accused Rishabh of "sexually abusing" her. She also blamed Rishabh and Prince for getting physical and breaking rules.

The task led to a huge argument between the teams. Kanwaljeet, who had been friendly with the housemates, faced a backlash from the opponent team for passing unpleasant comments. This irked Priya, who got into a verbal spat with the 60-year-old. 

For a change, Rimi was seen enthusiastically taking part in the task. However, the prelude of the next episode saw Rimi being blasted by her team members, including Priya and Mandana, for having helped the opponent team's captain, Prince.

On Twitter, the viewers supported Rimi for actively participating in the task.

simplypurple: "Rimi shows how to do a task without fighting, screaming or pushing people around. #BB9"

Nitu #UpenArmy Rimi❤: "Rimi was most active in today's task! So what if she was fair and gave Prince half the bags? Being fair should be appreciated!#BB9 @BiggBoss"