As the world celebrated Christmas on 25 December, so did the contestants of Bigg Boss 9 house. The episode was full of surprises for the housemates as family members of the contestants came to meet them.

The day started with inmates waking up late night to the Christmas song and was surprised to find their Christmas gifts under the tree. In the morning, amidst the Christmas spirit, Priya Malik and Gizele Thakral landed in a huge argument while cooking, resulting in a delay in preparing breakfast for the housemates.

Later, Bigg Boss asked the inmates to 'pause' and to everyone's surprise, a telephone rang and Priya was asked to 'play'. She rushed to attend the telephone and got emotional when she heard her husband's voice. Unfortunately, she was forced to hang up by Bigg Boss.

In the evening, Prince confessed his feelings for Nora in front of the housemates and proposed her by gifting a ring and flowers. While Nora accepted his gifts, she said Prince is her good friend.

Later, Prince was summoned to the confession room where he read an emotional letter from his sister apologising for not being able to make it. Meanwhile, his sister entered the house and as soon as Prince came out of the confession room, he burst into tears seeing her.

Suyyash also got his Christmas gift when Bigg Boss asked him to get the luxury budget items from the store room. His sister surprised him in the store room and the brother-sister duo hugged each other.

Later in the night, when Bigg Boss announced that the task has ended, the housemates tried to cheer up Mandana Karimi, who was upset as none of her family members came to meet her.