Day 17 of "Bigg Boss 9" continued with the "Friends Page" task that kept the inmates awake through the night. As per rule, Prince Narula and Suyyash Rai's supporters danced to songs at a designated area of the house at odd hours of the night. 

As the task continued, housemates discussed among themselves as to whether Suyyash or Prince would be a better captain. Rochelle Rao said that none of the two were eligible for captaincy and that they were choosing the best out of the worst.

Mandana Karimi called Prince fake and mentioned that she was extending her support to Suyyash as she wanted to make peace with him and Kishwer. Meanwhile, Vikas Bhalla was seen confused and constantly changed his support.

Later, Bigg Boss asked the supervisor Kishwer Merchantt to declare the name of the winner of the task. To this, Kishwer mentioned that some of the supporters of Prince broke a rule of removing the mike. Despite her complaint, Prince was declared as the captain of the house as he had the maximum number of supporters.

With the task coming to an end, Bigg Boss made a point that he was highly disappointed with the performance of the contestants and told them to buck up as the future tasks are going to get tougher.

While the task as well as the episode wasn't entertaining except for a few gossips, the upcoming episode will see the contestant indulging in a fun task called "Shhh! Bachcha Jaag Jayega" where they will be put to extreme situations and will not be allowed to make any kind of noise.