Day 8 of "Bigg Boss 9" saw a lot of chaos and confusion among the housemates.

The day started with nominations where each paired contestant had to nominate another pair. Except for Arvind Vegda and the captain jodi Vikas Bhalla and Yuvika Chaudhary, all other pairs were nominated for elimination.

However, Bigg Boss surprised them all when the nominated pairs were asked to decide among themselves as to which one member from each pair would finally get nominated. While a few contestants were willing to sacrifice their safety for their partner, others found it difficult to decide.

Aman Verma, Prince Narula, Roopal Tyagi, Mandana Karimi and Rimi Sen nominated themselves for elimination.

Later Bigg Boss gave the contestants a chance to reclaim their lost bags, but with a twist.

Named Nilami task, Bigg Boss told the four contestants without their bags -- Keith Sequeira, Suyyash Rai, Prince and Digangana Suryavanshi -- to bid for their bags. The minimum bid started at Rs 3 lakh and the sum of the bids would get deducted from the total prize money (Rs 50 lakhs) of any contestant who would win the show.

Suyyash, Prince and Digangana thinking that the highest bidder would get their bags back, went on to bid for the bags. However, Keith understanding the task well, decided not to bid for his bag as it would get deducted from the show's winner's prize money and wrote a zero on his board.

This created a lot of confusion among the housemates as everyone tried explaining others their own version of the Nilami task and argued on the huge deduction from the prize money.

Although Keith understood the task well and chose not to bid, he didn't get his bag, whereas others got their bags back.