The "Bigg Boss 9" house witnessed another major tiff when Mandana Karimi kicked Kishwer Merchant in the torso. The response to it was fierce, with Kishwer storming into the confession room demanding Mandana's eviction.

In her defence, the Iranian beauty said she was reacting to Kishwer's actions. Apparently, Kishwer tried strangling her with a mike and when it go too much, she kicked her. Prince Narula and Suyyash Rai condemned Mandana for being physically abusive with Kishwer.

A few viewers are on the same page as Prince, Suyyash and Kishwer, but most are shocked at the way the "Roadies X2" winner got back to grouping up with people he once stayed away from. While some are calling him Kishwer's pet, others are branding him a dog for supporting the TV actress.

Here are a few tweets:

Ashika: @BiggBoss #bb9 Salman ji plz just straighten Prince cz he's way out of his brain n jst showing tht he's a loyal dog of kish!! Plz kick thm

ManeeshVaidya: @BiggBoss Rishabh made Kishwar a dog oops bitch(no gender bias)but #Prince is playing a perfect dog 2 Kish & Suyash.Can see d tail wag! #BB9

Ingenious.: I dnt blame ManD 4 kicking Kish. d way she was pulling her mic-belt strngly & her dog Prince was pouring water on her face, any1 wld've #bb9

Pulpy PEACH !: @KishwerM Ye prince ka naam rakha kis NY h ..naam sy zara prince nj hai ..he is kish dog ..shame on him . bad low cheap inhumae boy #BB9

Minnie Sekhon: Prince is Kish's puppy dog kish is also gonna adopt puneet & rishabh #BiggBoss9 #BB9 @BiggBoss