A lot has been happening in the "Bigg Boss 9" house since last week.

Prince Narula professed his love for Yuvika Chaudhary, who was eliminated a few days later.

While the viewers were of the opinion that the charming guy was only putting a strategy into play bringing in a romantic angle, which will help him churn content for the show, the evicted inmate strongly believes the feelings were genuine. However, she's not stopping at that just as yet.

Talking to Absolute News India, she revealed how she would watch rest of the episodes to check if what Prince told her was any real.

"My friends inside the house told me that Prince used to stare at me. I never took it seriously, but surprisingly when I was coming out, Rishabh and Prince didn't come to bid adieu," the "Om Shanti Om" actress further elaborated.

She also cleared her side of the story saying she doesn't harbor any such feelings for Prince and Rishabh Sinha, who too, on few occasions, was spotted trying his luck at wooing the lady.

Talking about who could be the winner of this season, Yuvika said it's going to get tough to predict as the game is starting to get into motion.

"Vikas Bhalla was one of the most genuine human beings I knew. He would always stand up for me. Mandana, Rochelle and Keith do everything for the camera," she added.