Day 94 of "Bigg Boss 9" started with Mandana Karimi informing Imam Siddique that she will not flirt with Prince Narula in order to get ahead in the game as she is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend.

As the day progressed, Priya Malik was seen furious with the housemates for not being able to find her favourite tiger-print jumpsuit. While Priya doubted Imam, the latter put the blame on Prince Narula. However, she later found out that Imam had hidden it in the bathroom.

The episode also saw a huge argument between Mandana and Rishabh after she commented on his upbringing. However, Prince interfered and asked Mandana not to pass any personal comment.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss 9 announced another task -- Kaun Imam -- wherein the housemates had to ignore Imam, while he tried to make them fail in the task.

As soon as the task began, Imam began to irritate the contestants in order to get a reaction from them. He destroyed Rochelle Rao's family photo, while throwing vegetables and shampoo on Priya. In both the cases, the ladies didn't react.

Imam blocked the bedroom door with a sofa and suitcases to prevent the contestants from entering the room. He even used chairs and tables to block the living room door so that the inmates in the garden area cannot enter the house.

As the task came to an end in the evening, Imam and Mandana were seen bonding, while the others discussed about Imam's strategy.

Towards the end of the day, Rishabh and Prince had a conversation about the ladies in the house. Rishabh teased Prince by saying that he wants to throw a party where he will dance with Yuvika Chaudhary as Prince is now in love with Nora Fatehi. Prince got emotional recollecting past moments with Yuvika and seeing him teary-eyed, Rishabh gave him a hug.