Day 79 of "Bigg Boss 9" was a chaotic one as housemates got involved in several fights.

The day started with Keith Sequeira and Suyyash Rai discussing about how Prince Narula has changed ever since Nora Fatehi entered the house. On Saturday, Salman Khan had also hinted that Prince is slowly losing his individuality inside the house.

Later Rochelle Rao also confronted Prince about the same, but the latter assured her that he will keep his feelings for Nora away from the game.

While Prince and Rochelle were outside discussing the topic, Priya shouted at them as both Prince and Rochelle were supposed to be a part of the cooking team. Priya said that because of Prince and Rochelle, she has been helping Kishwer Merchantt and Mandana Karimi in the kitchen. This led to a huge argument between Prince, Rochelle, Priya, Kishwer and Suyyash in the kitchen.

Later in the day, Rochelle entered the bathroom where Keith was taking a bath. This irked Priya as it was supposed to be her turn after Keith. She created a huge scene and taunted Rochelle saying that she wanted to have a bath with Keith. Hearing Priya's comment, Prince defended Rochelle and Keith and warned Priya not to pass such cheap and personal comments. This resulted in a huge fight among the housemates.

The argument went to the next level when Priya told Nora about the discussion that the housemates had about Nora and Prince's posture while they were at the sky lounge.

Nora confronted Mandana and others and asked them for an explanation. When Mandana said she was joking, Nora, who was furious with the inmates, warned not to joke about such a sensitive topic.

Nora accused everyone of having double standards and burst into tears, while Kishwer, Suyyash and others tried consoling her.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss announced the luxury budget task -- jewel thief -- where the housemates were divided into two teams. Keith, Mandana, Nora and Rishabh were the chor team while the police team comprised Rochelle, Prince, Kishwer and Priya. Suyyash was the supervisor of the task.

As per the rule of the task, the chor had to steal diamonds laid out across the living area, while the police team had to protect it. If the police catch the thieves with diamonds, they can arrest the thieves and put them in the jail.